RV Service Video Library

Understanding the general mechanics of RV Repair is important for all employees.  Our goal is to help everyone understand the parts of an RV while helping our certified RV Technicians with recertification courses.  We are also focused on ensuring our RV technicians are properly licensed in the state of Florida to repair and dispense LP Gas.

RV Service & Repair - General

Videos in this section will cover education related to specific components of an RV and the repair process.

RV Service & Repair – Appliances

Videos in this section will cover education related to RV Appliances and the repair process.

RV Continuing Education Courses

Are you looking for recertification credits (CEUs)?  Look no further!  We offer the following courses to help keep you moving forward and keeping your certification.   You can earn up to 14 CEUs and apply them to your industry certification through RVTI.

  • Atwood Water Heaters = 2 CEUs
  • Aqua-Hot Water Heaters = 1.5 CEUs
  • Coleman Mach 8 Slim Line Heat Pump AC = 1 CEU
  • Dometic Furnace = 1.5 CEUs
  • Kwikee RV Steps = 2 CEUs
  • Suburban Cooking Products = 1 CEU
  • Suburban Furnace = 1.5 CEUs
  • Micro-Air Easy Start = 1 CEU
  • RV Lemon Law = 1.5 CEUs
  • RV WFCO Power Sources = 1 CEU

LP Gas - Florida Only Courses

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) is responsible for licensing individuals and businesses that sell, transport, dispense or store liquefied petroleum (LP) gas and that manufacturer, install, service or repair LP gas containers, systems, or appliances.  FDACS inspects facilities where LP gas is sold or stored and investigates accidents involving LP gas or equipment.

It is important to understand the requirements to avoid penalties from the state’s auditing process.  You can expect the following possible penalty as an example:

  1. Civil Penalties not to exceed $25,000 for each violation for each day that such violation persists. See Rule: 527.06 found in the Liquified Petroleum Laws and Rules (October 2020 Edition)

The business must purchase a license from the state to get started.  Click here to understand the different LP Gas license categories in our state.  Each category has its own application along with the cost of the business license.  (1yr / 2yr / 3yr license terms)

  1. The license application will dictate whether you are required to have a Master Qualifier and/or Qualifier based on your selection.
    • Click here to read more about the state requirements for the Qualifier and Master Qualifier.
    • To apply for certification as a Master Qualifier, each applicant must have a minimum of 3 years of verifiable LP gas experience or hold a professional certification by an LP gas manufacturer as adopted by the department rule immediately preceding submission of the application.
      • The state will accept the completion of RVTI Level 1 through Level 2 training, NRVTA’s Registered / Advanced / Master RV Service Technician training, or RV Tech Training Center as the professional certification.
      • Verifiable work experience shall include work with a liquified petroleum gas company where the applicant performed activities that fall within one or more of the following areas:
        1. Maintenance of gas facilities and equipment.
        2. Gas storage and distribution facility operations and safety.
        3. Gas transportation, delivery, product transfer.
        4. Gas tanks, cylinders, and equipment.
        5. Gas liquid and vapor distribution systems and equipment.
        6. Gas equipment and appliance services, installation, and repair.
      • Attach a copy of their professional certification or a letter from their employer stating their experience upon submission of the license application.
  1. YOU MUST provide proof of LP Gas Insurance along with the license application. Click here to review the LP Gas Insurance Affidavit form.
  2. Training is required for ALL EMPLOYEES whether they are qualifiers, and refresher training must be conducted at 3-year intervals. Documentation must be retained on business files


All FRVTA members have access to the three courses below for free.  The test prep course is designed to help a technician prepare for the Category 1 RV Dealer license Qualifier or Master Qualifier exam, along with providing technicians with 12 CEUs towards the 16 CEUs the state requires for recertification.  Once the course(s) is complete, submit the application to receive your course certificate.  We have our Frequently Asked Questions regarding LP Gas in our state listed on our main website here .


4 CEUs

CAT-1 RV Master Qualifier/Qualifier Test Prep

The course is designed to prepare RV technicians for the state’s Category 1 – RV Dealer Master Qualifier and Qualifier level examinations.  If you are a mobile technician this exam is helpful but not designed to prepare you for the Category V exams. Click the titles below to watch the videos:

Test Prep – Sections 1 and 2

Test Prep – Section 3

Test Prep – Section 4

Test Prep – Section 5

Test Prep – Section 6

4 CEUs

LP-RV-1: RV Propane Systems

A comprehensive review of Propane Systems, Propane Containers Regulators, Propane Piping Systems, and RV Propane System Codes and Standards. Click the titles below to watch the videos:

RV Propane Systems Part 1

RV Propane Systems Part 2

4 CEUs

LP-RV-2: RV LP Gas Appliances

A Study of the four major RV appliances utilizing propane, refrigerators, water heaters, ranges/cooktops and heaters, and the propane systems involved therein. Click the titles below to watch the videos:

RV Water Heaters Part 1

RV Water Heaters Part 2

RV Refrigerators Part 1

RV Refrigerators Part 2

RV Refrigerators Part 3

RV Ranges and Cooktops